Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Jean Johnson - The Sword


The Eldest Son shall bear this weight;
If ever true love he should feel
Disaster shall come at her heel
And Katan will fail to aid
When Sword in sheath is claimed by Maid

Their fate was sealed the minute the last set of twins of the Corvis family were born, from now on the eight mage-brothers who were born in four sets of twins, all on the same day two years apart each time, would be known as the Sons of Destiny. They fulfil the Curse of the Eight Prophecies, written by the seer Draganna over a thousand years ago. Women will be their downfall, so they were exciled by the Council of Mages of Katan to Nightfall Isle where women are forbidden. But the most powerful mage of the eight brothers believes that they cannot outrun their destiny and takes matters into his own magical hands......

Trapped in a blazing inferno that was once her house, Kelly Doyle was most definitely knocking on heaven’s door, but in a split second everything changed and now she finds herself in another magical realm with only eight other people. Eight hot sexy well muscled good-looking males to be precise and seven of them are not happy to see her....

Saber, the eldest of the eight, cannot believe that his youngest brother has brought a woman from another non-magical realm to their isle. He is convinced that she brings nothing but trouble and disaster and he wants her gone, but she is also hurt from the fire that trapped her, so he takes care of her, of course only until she is well again. But love works in mysterious ways and before he knows it he is consumed by desire and lust for this feisty redhead and she for him, he cannot outrun his destiny and she is his downfall, the first of eight to come ...

This is Jean Johnson’s first novel in a new intriguing paranormal romance series, the Sons of Destiny. This novel pleasantly surprised me, it was different, original, passionate and enchanting to read. Once you start reading you can’t stop. In the first part of the book you are introduced to the eight brothers, their magical world and Kelly of course. In the second part of the book the story takes an unexpected turn when Kelly, Saber and his brothers have to face the threat of the coming prophecy.

It is moving to read how the eight brothers look after one another and how they come to respect and accept Kelly in their midst after she makes them eat dirt first. Their interactions are sometimes hilarious, Jean Johnson certainly knows how to write witty, funny or sensual dialogues that make the characters in this book come to live.

Saber to himself:

“I will not fall in love with her. She isn’t even my type. She’s sharp-tongued, screams too much, and doesn’t even dress properly – no, don’t think of how she’s not dressed!”Saber to Kelly and vice versa:

“Do not fall in love with me. Do not make me fall in love with you. Do you understand?” “All right.” “No falling in love.” “Want to have hot sex instead?”
This story is addictive, it is like a box of chocolate, once you get started you can’t stop! It will only make you crave for more and it is a good thing for us that there are seven more prophecies to be fulfilled. With her boundless imagination Jean Johnson has created a thrilling, exciting and sensual new world. The exquisite combination of time travelling, romance, magic, a curse, a touch of history and eight very hot alpha males make this story a passionate, original, compelling and sexy read. It is definitely worthy of your time!

4 stars

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