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Kathryne Kennedy - Enchanting The Lady - Relics of Merlin 1


It is the year 1882, where magic rules Victorian London, where the amount of magic you possess is linked to your title, where commoners don’t own any magic, where shape-shifters are immune to magic and considered as vermin by all but the Crown. For shape-shifters protect the Crown against evil relic-magic, the only magic that can defeat any other magic, but even shape-shifters have their weak moments...

At a young age Felicity Seymour, Duchess of Honor Stonehaven lost her parents, now she lives with her aunt and uncle. She has a hard time living in a world full of magic as she hardly possess any magic of her own, if she cannot prove at her testing that she inherited her parents magic she will lose her duchy and then she is in real trouble for she also lacks a dowry. What man would want her then when scarcely any man notice her now? But Felicity does attract the attention of a handsome and intriguing man, a man that makes her heart beat faster every time she sees him, a man looked down upon by society, a shape-shifter...

Sir Terence Blackwell knows the moment he sees her that she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, but she also means danger as his were-lion senses pick up the dark smell of evil relic-magic on her. Since Terence is also a relic-hunter, he is determined to find out if Felicity uses this evil magic herself or if she is an innocent victim. He decides to court her but he soon is trapped in his own deceit for she takes his breath away and she is genuinely in love with him, but he has a job to do. He has to find the evil relic but at the same time he wants to protect Felicity and that is not easy in a world where nothing is what it seems and danger is always on the lookout of lurking...

This is the first part in the Relics of Merlin Series and all I can say is that Kathryne Kennedy kicked off her new series with a bang! The moment I started to read this magical and dazzling story it grabbed me and did not let go, the further I got in this fast paced story the more I devoured the pages until I reached the very last sentence on the very last page. I closed the book with a big smile on my face and it left me in awe and utterly spellbound.

Kathryne Kennedy created a whole new world that is inventive as well as resourceful by interweaving the stiff Victorian period with magic, magical creatures and a paranormal touch. It is refreshing, it sparkles and is very cleverly done. She gradually pulls you into the story with bits of information of this new world and paints a scenery so rich in detail that you wish you were a part of the story.

So the couple that takes you on a magical and enthralling journey are Felicity and Terence. Two heroes to die for, with Terence Kathryne Kennedy created a noble and honourable man, one who has always been scorn by society simply because he is a shape-shifter. A man tormented by the death of his brother, a man with a mission, namely to destroy all evil relic-magic, the same magic that destroyed his brother. The were-lion in him wants to claim Felicity as his mate the moment they meet but he tries to fight his feelings for her.

Felicity is a charming young lady from the country who has to manage in the big city without having any magic of her own, she is a bit gullible, she does not mince matters and all she wants is to be loved by someone special. So when Terence enters her life and courts her, she takes her chance and finds out there is so much more to this handsome man then meets the eye. The dialogues between them sizzle of the pages and are interlaced with a deep passion. Felicity and Terence will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride, their romance leap off the pages with such passion and flair that it will give you goose bumps!

Terence to Felicity and vice versa:

“How can I resist you? How much longer can I fight the impulses of my lion-self?” “Why must you fight it?” “Don’t you want to know what would happen if I gave in? Shall I give you a glimpse, Felicity? Just a taste of what would happen if I allowed myself to make love to you?” “Oh yes.”

An engaging cast of supporting characters flesh out the rest of the story, there are many well-drawn figures that enrich this story. But the main focus of the story is as it should be on Felicity and Terence. The plot is masterly, rich and stunning and it will keep you on your toes right till the very end! At the same time the plot does not have the upperhand, Kathryne Kennedy made sure that there were enough pages to interlace this exciting plot with the perfect classic love-story and that makes this story so versatile.

So with a cast of characters you will adore, a passionate romance that overflows each page and a thrilling, dangerous and dark plot you can truly say that every page of this story is a lyrical masterpiece! This refreshing and dazzling story will sweep you of your feet and take your breath away for it is a perfect read and most definitely a keeper!

Kathryne Kennedy has written a gem of a story!

5 stars

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