Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Paula Quinn - Laird of the Mist


He never showed mercy to a Campbell, until he met her...

Scotland, seventeenth century, a long standing feud between the MacGregor clan and the Campbell clan is tearing up the land and divides its people. After he has suffered great injustice by the Campbell's laird, Callum MacGregor has vowed to avenge his clan and spare no Campbell lives. He is called the Devil because he shows no mercy, the mere sight of him has most of his enemies run for their lives, but not Kate Campbell. This spirited and bonny lass defies him, speaks her mind and shows him no fear though she is his hostage. He finds himself intrigued and attracted to her, but he can never love her without betraying his clan or himself, for she is a Campbell and he is the MacGregor...

She hated him all her life, until she caught sight of him ...

Kate Campbell finds herself in a delicate situation, for she is captured by her clan's most hated enemy, the Devil MacGregor himself. She is determined not to give in to this so-called madman, the man who has taken many Campbell lives. She was taught to hate him, but the madman turns out to be a feral handsome warrior with a fierce gaze and he has every reason to hate her and her clan. His gentle touch sets her on fire and the more she gets to know Callum the more she realises that he is not the madman she thought he was, she finds herself very attracted to him. Still, to him she is only a means to an end and she can never ever love him for they are sworn enemies...

If time-travelling by means of a book would be possible then this book would be the way to do so! From the moment you read the first line of this story you fancy yourself in medieval Scotland and you don't return to the here and now till you have finished the very last sentence on the very last page. So make you sure you have plenty of time to read this story because once you start you won't be able to put it down, this story will keep you spellbound!

The hero of this story is Callum MacGregor, he is this fierce, tormented warrior who protects his people against the gruesome deeds of the Campbell clan, but in doing so he cannot make peace with his own past and he cannot let go of his hatred. Kate Campbell is the heroine, she is very bold, outspoken and independent. She always sees the good in people and knows how to defend herself, nonetheless she is also a bit too trusting for her own good. The second the two meet you can feel their hatred for one another but you can also feel the chemistry that starts to burn between them, it sizzles of the pages. Their interaction and bickering heats up your skin like a hot summer's day.

Callum to Kate and vice versa:

"If I cared naught fer yer safety, ye would no' be standing there." "Where would I be then?" "Ye would be spread across that bed, beneath me." "Your threats are empty." "As would be your eye sockets if you dared touch me uninvited."

The plot is basically simple, it speaks of trust, survival, chivalry, the power of forgiveness and healing, but it still keeps you devouring the pages. The reason for this is that Paula Quinn is not only capable of creating a divine hero and heroine but she also creates a secondary cast of family and friends who come alive due to her sublime writing skill and that makes you crave for more. Who would not like to know more of Graham or young Jamie who made me smile with his immature remarks, or the ever honourable Robert and there is definitely so much more to Maggie, Callum's sister, then meets the eye!

With characters you will cherish forever and a passion that is blazing through the pages Paula Quinn has written once more a classic medieval love story that sweeps you away and keeps you captivated until the very end and I cannot wait to read the sequel so I can return to the wonderful medieval world she has created. This heart rendering story has certainly earned its place on my keepers shelves!

Paula Quinn never fails to deliver!

5 stars

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