Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jean Johnson - The Song - Sons of Destiny Series 4


The Fourth of Sons shall find his catch:
The purest note shall turn to sour
And weep in silence for the hour
But listen to the lonely Heart
And Song shall bind the two apart

Eight mage-brothers who were born in four sets of twins, all on the same day two years apart each time, are known as the Sons of Destiny. They fulfil the Curse of the Eight Prophecies, therefore they were exciled by the Council of Mages of Katan to Nightfall Isle to prevent the fulfilment of the prophecies. But the Council should have known better, for destiny will not be stopped...

During an ugly attack on their Isle, Evanor the fourthborn of the twins lost his voice and with that his magic, for he is a voice-mage. He finds living without his magic hard while he is surrounded by the magic of his brothers, his only hope is to find a healer skilled enough to heal him. With the return of his twin Dominic and his bride Serina, Evanor now knows that he is next to face his destiny, therefore the moment he meets his healer he knows she is the one. Only how do you seduce and chat up a woman without your voice...

Mariel is a widow for over two years now, as Serina’s friend and more important as a capable healer she has come to Nightfall Isle to make a new start for herself, her son Mikor and to practise her healing skills. But of all the brothers on the Isle she is only attracted to her patient, Evanor, and that is not very ethical. But does she really want to resist the one man who makes her feel like a woman again and leaves her breathless every time they are together...

But a new disaster is looming up at the horizon, for the Council of Katan got wind of the presence of women on the Isle and that is strictly forbidden...

I was eagerly awaiting the fourth part in the Sons of Destiny series, so it did not take me long before I was fully immersed in this dazzling and magical story. Once again I got swept along by those eight sexy brothers and I could not move from the couch until I finished the very last page. Moreover this story stirred up my emotions and at the end it left me breathless and craving for more, it just gets better and better with each part!

Jean Johnson has an imaginative skill that knows no boundaries, she has created a magical world that is refreshing, new and stands out in the crowd of the many paranormal romance novels and series. She takes her time to paint in rich detail a very vivid picture of the magic, Nightfall Isle and its inhabitants and blends this with a passionate love-story and a stunning plot.

It is so easy to connect with the hero and heroine of this story, because basically they want the same things as most people. Evanor is loving, caring and very sexy but don’t mess with him or else, he is most willing to embrace his destiny and has many hidden talents. The heroine, Mariel, is a charming lady, a fantastic healer and a good mother, but at the same time she also needs to feel like a real desirable woman. The attraction between them crackles of the pages, the heart pounding love scenes are so sensual that they are almost too hot to handle and from now on you will never think the same again about a simple massage!

Evanor to Mariel and vice versa:

“Get ready for bed.” “ I owe you a massage.”
“You don’t have t—.”
“I know I don’t have to. I want to. Will you let me pleasure you?”

The supporting cast of family and friends is familiar, you immediately feel at home again with the witty and snappy banter between the brothers, Kelly, Alys and Serina. Their interactions are funny, hilarious and they sparkle all over the story, this alone will make you laugh out loud. With a plot that is not only thrilling but also captivating Jean Johnson knows how to keep her readers spellbound. Now that a part of Queen Kelly’s plan for Nightfall Isle has been accomplished, we can only impatiently wait for the rest of the plot to unfold.

The Song is the perfect mix of a dazzling world full of magic, a thrilling and exciting plot that thickens with each part, a sensual love-story, witty banter and not to forget, eight sexy mages. The Sons of Destiny Series is highly addictive and sinfully sexy to read, I cannot wait to read the next part!

4,5 stars

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