Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rona Sharon - My Wicked Pirate


Eros, also known as the Viper, is the most notorious pirate and privateer of the Caribbean. No one knows who he really is and he is wanted by the law. Now he has a mission, to save his beloved sister from Lucas Hunter, viscount Silverlake, who hunts him. Eros has abducted his betrothed Alanis and wants to exchange her for his sister. There is just one problem with his brilliant plan, his sister does not want to be saved for she and Lucas are in love. To help his sister he takes Alanis with him, he did not want to part with this stunning and feisty beauty anyway. He finds himself enchanted, not only because she is beautiful but because she offers him true friendship and a challenge he cannot resist. She stirs up feelings and emotions in him he thought were long gone, but can he really trust her for he has been betrayed so many times in his life...

Alanis, the granddaughter of the Duke of Dellamore, wants to escape her dull life in England and has sailed to Jamaica to surprise her fiancé and to set a wedding-date. She had not anticipated to be abducted by Eros or that her fiancé never had the intention of marrying her. Now she is at the mercy of this seductive pirate and if only for her impeccable reputation she cannot give in to him. Yet he arouses all these feelings inside her and she finds herself irresistible drawn to him. But each time she reaches out for him he pushes her away, can she truly love and help Eros if he does not trust her with his past or tell her his secrets that torment him...

My Wicked Pirate is the first novel of Rona Sharon and without a doubt it is an impressive debut. Rona Sharon is a gifted writer for she is capable of keeping you hypnotised from the first to the very last page. This stunning pirate story will make you devour all 432 pages in a heartbeat and it leaves you baffled at the end for you do not want it to end!

With her outstanding writing skill she takes you on a fabulous journey around the world without leaving your couch. With this story you will travel the world from the exotic shores of Jamaica and Tortuga to Algiers and Agadir with their Arabian 1001 nights vibe to sophisticated Italy, decadent France and haughty England. The plot of this story is really superb, it is exciting and thrilling, it has depth and it is drawn up brilliantly.

The couple and main characters that will accompany you on this journey are Eros and Alanis. Eros is this real complex man who struggles with any form of intimacy due to his past, he has been betrayed, his birthright was stolen from him and he considers himself a cursed man who does whatever it takes to reach his goal and have his revenge. Alanis is this beautiful and spirited lady who wants to escape her dull life in England, she is bold, outspoken and in pursuit of her own happiness. Their relationship develops slowly from a physical attraction into something much more meaningful and their interactions are snappy and sizzling hot!

Alanis to Eros and vice versa:

“No gentleman would dare speak of such matters.” “I never professed to being a gentleman. Too many taxing restrictions. I, tesoro, am free to do as I please, including undressing unwilling females”, he drawled, mentally licking his chops. She gave him a disparaging look. “You may roll that lolling tongue back into your mouth. You may not be a gentleman, but I am a lady”. His grin broadened into a full-blown smile. “All the more interesting”.

There are many secondary characters, all different and unique, adding even more debt to the story and most of them are necessary to understand the character development of Eros, because his life is the pivot on which everything hinges. Some of these secondary characters like Sanah, Nasrin and Sallah and even Eros sister are uplifting, while others such as Taofik and Cesare will give you the creeps. This variety of supporting characters makes sure this story is a fast-paced read and that it does not get tedious.

The pirate genre is a difficult genre to tackle, but with My Wicked Pirate Rona Sharon has succeeded to pen down a breathtaking and deep touching tale. With characters larger than life and witty banter this emotional gripping story is definitely a must read! I cannot wait to read her next novel.

Don’t miss out on this fabulous journey!

4,5 stars

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