Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gena Showalter - The Darkest Kiss - LOTU 2


A long time ago a group of immortal warriors, protectors of the gods, opened up Pandora’s box and unleashed a horde of demons upon the world. The warriors were punished severely, they were forced to house the demons inside themselves. Now the gods look down upon them, humans fear them and they are hunted by Hunters. The only way they can free themselves is to once again lock up the demons in Pandora’s box, however the box is missing and time is running out for they are not the only ones in search of the box...

Lucien is the leader of the Budapest warriors and the keeper of the demon Death, to keep the demon inside him satisfied he is forced to take souls to the hereafter. Tormented over the death of the woman he once loved, he avoids love and women all together. Then he meets Anya and she stirs up all these feelings in him he thought were long gone, but is she for real? To make matters worse the new cruel king of the Gods, Cronus, blackmails him to take her soul, if he does not obey his warriors will pay the price. Now he is forced to choose between his warriors and the one woman who makes him feel alive ...

Anya is the goddess of Anarchy, she cannot love a man completely because of her curse. She has never known any pleasure and as a result of her mother’s actions she is scorned by the other gods and is treated like an outcast. For the first time in her life she feels a strong attraction for a man, Lucien, if only he would see her for who she really is, but Lucien also represents danger and death. The king of the gods, Cronus, is chasing her, for she possesses something he wants and she is not willing to give it up. Now, thanks to Cronus, the one man she craves is coming after her to take her soul. How is she to change the mind of the keeper of Death? If only she could make him love her and trust him enough to tell him her secret...

The Darkest Kiss is the second part in the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter and she sure brought it off to create a new series that is unique, refreshing and exciting to read. The story immediately grabs your attention and does not let go until you know the whole story and then it leaves you craving for more, more of those sexy, muscular warriors.

Gena Showalter created a whole new world that is magical, dazzling and dangerous by mixing elements of the Greek mythology with hot looking, tormented warriors and of course a heart rendering love story. She carefully builds up this new world with pieces of information without overwhelming you, making sure that the romance is in the spotlight. At the same time she is dropping hints about other future story lines, that alone will leave you hungry for more!

The main couple in this story is Lucien and Anya. Lucien is a tormented warrior who feels responsible for the cruel fate that is bestowed upon him and his warriors because he was the one to open Pandora’s box all these centuries ago. Now he is completely numb for he does not want to feel any emotions or get his hopes up for anything. Anya is a beautiful, radiant woman who is a little rebellious, likes a little mischief and fights her own battles, she quarrels with the gods all the time, but she is also lonely and wants to belong somewhere. You will immediately sympathize with this couple, their interactions are leaping off the pages and will make your heart beat faster and faster.

The supporting cast of family, friends and enemies is very diverse. The warriors all have their own personalities and demons. They are prepared to die for one another and some of them will have their own story in the future. The Hunters have but one goal in life to rid the world of the warriors and find the box. And then you have the many different gods and mythical creatures, who like to play pitiful games and are only looking out for themselves. This concoction of all these various characters gives this story a certain depth and diversity. It is refreshing, original and a joy to read.

The Darkest Kiss is fast-paced and intriguing, filled with many well-drawn passionate characters, a superb plot and a sizzling hot romance. This reviewer cannot wait to return to the compelling, seductive, mythical world of Gena Showalter and those hot, sexy warriors. The new Lord of the Underworld series is just as addictive as chocolate!

4,5 stars

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