Thursday, August 14, 2008

Alexandra Benedict - Too Dangerous to Desire - Too Trilogy 3

After the death of his wife, Adam Westmore has withdrawn himself from society and lives a solitary-minded life near the beach, alone with his memories and guilt. Then one day when he walks down the beach he sees this woman throw herself of the cliffs into the icy sea. Without hesitation he dives in the sea to save her and takes her home. Evelyn is running from her depraved fiancĂ© who is forcing her to marry him, so Adam offers to protect her. This stunning beauty with exquisite eyes is stirring up all these feelings inside him, making him feel alive again. But he cannot act upon these feelings, for he will always be faithful to the vows he made on his wedding and isn’t it much too dangerous to desire the bride to be of a powerful and indignant man…

Convinced that the only way to escape her malicious fiancĂ© is to perish, Evelyn Waye jumps of the cliffs into the water. When she wakes up she finds herself in a cottage with a strange, handsome man. He offers her his protection and she accepts for there is something about him that makes her want to stay. Due to her cursed beauty she is weary of men, but Adam is kind, gentle and the more time she spends with him the more she desires him. Still, Adam has his own demons to fight and can she truly trust a simple cottager to keep her safe from harm and the Prince of Darkness who hunts her…

I was really looking forward to read Too Dangerous to Desire, the third and final part in Alexandra Benedict’s Too trilogy. Adam was such a thrilling and startling character at the end of part one (Too Great A Temptation) that I was curious to know what would become of Adam. Would he finally find inner peace and gets his happily ever after? I was not disappointed, soon I was pleasantly diverted and deeply absorbed in this great story and it urged me to keep on reading till I finished the very last page.

This story begins with a prologue and this prologue immediately threw me back in the same sentiment and vibe I had while reading the first part of this trilogy. You get to read certain scenes from part one again, only these time you will read them from Adam’s point of view. Miss Benedict is rich in details and description and she has the writing abilities to create a very vivid picture in your mind’s eye. She combines this freely with a good flowing story line, rounded characters and a touching romance, giving the story a certain emotional depth.

One of the things you will perceive when you read this book is the character development of the main couple, Adam and Evelyn. Especially Evelyn’s character endures a transformation, at the beginning of this story she is scared and afraid for her life, she even thinks she is better off dead. Adam builds up her self-confidence, teaches her to overcome her fears and to take back control of her life. Adam is a caring and protective man who is consumed by the guilt he feels towards his late wife and his actions against his brother Damian. He has vowed to stay faithful to his wife and therefore lives in the past. He cannot accept the past, therefore he is not able to move on with his life. Adam and Evelyn will pull at all your heart strings for it is so easy to connect with them, their interactions are gripping and sensual.

Once again, as secondary characters we meet the Hawkins brothers. If you did not fall in love with them in part one, you sure will now! They are definitely alpha male material and so hilarious, it is good to know they have convinced Alexandra Benedict to give them their own series. I can’t wait to read their stories as well. You also meet Damian and Belle again and they rock! Then there is the very depraved and obsessed Prince Vadik of Moravia, now he will certainly give you the creeps. This author sure knows how to create a cast of characters you will adore!

Alexandra Benedict has yet to write a story that I cannot appreciate. Too Dangerous to Desire is masterfully written, refreshing and a powerful read. It effortlessly blends romance, characters of debt, wit and action to perfection. This story is a real keeper and will enthrall even the most demanding romance reader. Alexandra Benedict’s Too trilogy defines the best of what the historical genre has to offer!

4,5 stars

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