Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sandy Lynn - Kiss and Tell

Boxers or briefs?

Willow is having a bad day. To get her sister to stop harassing her, she agrees to play a silly game – but only once. When a muscular hunk walks past her, Willow’s mouth waters and she knows she’s found the perfect man to ask her embarrassing question.

Seth is shocked when a beautiful woman sits on his lap. He’s amused when she begins asking him questions. But he’s aroused when she kisses him. Taking her back to his home, he sinks his teeth into her – and is addicted. Imagine his surprise when he finds out she holds his life in the palm of her hand.

What’s a vampire to do when the woman he needs for his survival runs screaming from him!

Kiss and Tell is the first part in the Bloodmates series by Sandy Lynn and it is an accelerated read. It is pleasantly fresh and different, because for a change we meet a vampire who is not tormented by his past or any other thing. Seth is a handsome looking man with a good head for business, he loves women and he simply enjoys life.

Willow is a beautiful woman who is having a lousy week, she lost her job. She has a bad track record when it comes to men. She is honest, independent and bold. She is just another young woman who enjoys a night out on the town while trying to forget her problems for a while. When she approaches Seth to play her sister’s silly game she has no idea how life-changing her actions are, especially for Seth. Life will never be the same again.

The instant attraction between Seth and Willow vibrates from almost the very first page in this story. Their interactions are sometimes hilarious and sometimes heated, they entice you to read on. Sandy Lynn’s writing is easy, vivid and smooth. Her characters are rounded and charming.

Seth to Willow and vice versa:

“Why do you bite your lip?” She was embarrassed by his question, the answer an awkward one. “It’s just something I started doing.” “Tell me?” he asked gently. With a sigh she relented. “One of my exes complained that I was too...vocal. It was...embarrassing. So, I’ve just bitten my lip to keep my moans inside ever since.”

Once Seth has sampled Willow’s blood, no other woman’s blood can satisfy his thirst. They are bloodmated, only Seth doesn’t know that such a thing is possible and now he needs Willow for his survival. As for Willow, she is flabbergasted to discover that vampires really do exist. They have quite a few obstacles to overcome. I would have preferred it if the second half of the book was explored in depth a little more, but the storyline is refreshing, original and straightforward. No bad guys, no evil to fight, just a nice guy who happens to be a vampire and meets a lovely girl, who turns out to be his bloodmate.

As supporting characters you will meet Jason, he takes care of Seth’s businesses. He is a down-to-earth guy and knows that Seth is a vampire. He is intriguing and only wants what is best for Seth. Then there is Willow’s sister, she is very high-spirited and protective of her sister. They round off the story nicely.

Kiss and Tell is a delightful read. It is hilarious and it made me laugh, at the same time it kept me enthralled. It is a nice combination of a heated romance, the-sexy-vampire-next-door-kind-of-guy and a touch of chicklit. I can’t wait to find out what Sandy Lynn has in reserve for us with the next part in this series, for Kiss and Tell is a funny and hot read!

3 stars

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