Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Julia London - The Book of Scandal - Scandalous 1

The Earl of Lindsey, Nathan Grey, is also called Libertine Lindsey for he lives a flippant live in the country. When he hears rumors, involving his estranged wife Evelyn, that could destroy the good name of the Lindsey’s, he immediately takes action. He travels to London to remove his wife far away from all the gossip. When he finally lays his eyes on her after three years of separation he is in shock. The young and meek girl he once knew as his wife is now a bold and breathtaking woman. Against her will Nathan takes her home and there the painful past rushes back into their memories to haunt them both. Still, his stunning wife also invokes a passion inside him that he had long forgotten. He is determined to win her back and to protect her against the gossip, but he has no clue how vicious and fatally those rumors really are…

Lady Evelyn Lindsey has not a word to say for herself when out of the blue her estranged husband shows up and forces her to leave London on account of some gossip. She swears to him that the rumors are not true, nevertheless he won’t listen to her. He wants to save their marriage, well, if he thinks she is going to make this easy for him after all the rumors she has heard about him, he is seriously mistaken. She is going to fight him with might and main for their marriage is over. But Evelyn had forgotten how attractive Nathan is and how charming he can be. As danger stalks them she can do nothing else but to rely on Nathan and he turns out to be simply irresistible…

Sometimes all you need in a superb, fast-paced story is a little danger and a strong hero and heroine. The Book of Scandal by Julia London is such a book. From the moment you start to read this story it haunts you and will not let go until you finished it. This story will take you on a long, emotional rollercoaster ride from the first to the very last page!

The stunning plot of this story is based on true historical facts, namely the marital woes of the Prince and Princess of Wales back in 1795 and the threat of the Princess of Wales to publish royal secrets. Julia London interlaces these facts with a powerful romance, an emotional loss and a stunning conspiracy. Her skillful writing will make sure that you are lost in the pages and keeps the story flowing and pleasant to read.

The main couple who will take you on this gripping journey are Evelyn and Nathan. Nathan is definitely not who he appears to be at the surface, he is not the rogue everyone seems to think he is. That is just a façade, he really is a honorable and kind man. He is very much in love with his wife, he just does not realize it. Evelyn lived a sheltered life and used to be meek and naïf, she has learned by bitter experience that life is not always fair and has grown into a beautiful, self-confident lady. Their interactions are steamy and shimmering and the pages are filled with wit, bickering and humor.

This story also shows you how shaky the foundation of a basically good relationship can be without communication. After the death of their son Evelyn had shut herself off from everyone, she is not able to reach out to Nathan. Nathan deals with his grief in his own specific way. After they have been separated and both grown stronger you see the change in them, because now they are able to communicate and be completely honest with one another.

The secondary cast of characters is very colorful and well-developed. They give this story more depth. These characters give us an insight how society worked back then and how most of them only looked out for themselves. How they are most willing to believe vicious rumors without giving them a second thought. As it should be, the main focus of this story is on Evelyn, Nathan and the skilful written plot. The only thing that was a bit vexing was the end. I would have preferred a short epilogue at the end to round things off better.

Julia London provides you with an emotionally charged tale that is peppered with spine-tingling passion, well-defined and charming characters and a masterfully written plot. Curl up with The Book of Scandal for it will touch your heart and fire your emotions.

4 stars

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