Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bella Andre - Take Me - Carson Brothers 1

Secretly, Lily Ellis has always been in love with Travis Carson. But the twin-brother of her best friend Luke has always ignored and rejected her for she does not have the perfect size. Now her beautiful sister and fashion designer has persuaded her to model a plus-size dress, the dress is gorgeous and makes her feel beautiful as she walks confidently down the catwalk. Searching in the crowd for Luke to support her, she finds Travis instead. During a hot and steamy night all her dreams and fantasies come true, but she realizes that if she truly wants to win his heart she has to beat him at his own game by protecting her feelings. The perfect opportunity comes along when a business deal takes them to romantic Italy and the passionate cat-and-mouse game begins…

Doing his brother a favor and taking his place to watch and support Lily when she walks down the runway is in his opinion a waste of his time, but when Travis sees this stunning beauty walking down the catwalk he immediately knows he has to have her. After a wild and amazing night he wakes up alone, he can’t believe Lily just left after what they shared. She wasn’t supposed to leave first, he is supposed to be the one to leave first! He wants to see her again, he can’t stop thinking about her, but he is not in the habit of chasing women. So he comes up with a proposal she cannot refuse. What better way than to spend a few days alone with Lily in Italy under the cloak of doing business to satisfy his lust and get her out of his system..

This is the first book I have read from the hand of Bella Andre and it was quite an addictive read, I could not put the book down until I knew if this story would have a happily ever after. Bella Andre writes a fluent storyline filled with every-day situations and female insecurities. Her characters are so real that they could actually live next door to you and that is exactly why this book keeps you hypnotized and glued to your chair.

Lilly Ellis is a big girl, her weight makes her insecure and she lacks of self-confidence. Without even knowing it, her weight influences many of the important decisions she has made in her life. She dreams of having her own business as an interior designer but clings to her crappy job at a furniture shop. Why? Because it is safe and familiar. She prefers to be the grey mouse in the crowd, unnoticed, so she doesn’t get hurt by biting words and gets rejected.

Travis Carson is everything a woman wants in a man. Handsome, successful, a little arrogant and very muscular and sexy. Everything he wants he gets, it all comes natural to him. But there isn’t one woman that has actually touched his heart, he hides his feelings behind this thick wall of arrogance. Travis and Lily make a charming couple, they are intense, sometimes a little naughty and they create a sensual fire-works right from page one.

As important supporting characters you will meet Janica and Luke. Janica is the “petite” younger sister of Lilly, she is a fashion designer and Lilly’s most fierce protector. She will do anything to see Lily happy and more self-assured. Luke is a doctor and Lily’s best friend, he is the spitting image of Travis, only nicer. He loves his brother but he really does not understand his brother’s “attitude” problem. All of Bella Andre’s characters are compelling and entrancing, it is so easy to connect with them. They make this book such a great read.

Lilly to herself during a dinner:

“Why can men eat as much as they want? Why do I always worry about eating in public? Who am I trying to impress? Travis? He’ll never be impressed by me, so why am I depriving myself of the best food I’ve ever seen?”

The plot is easy and fluent, it speaks of love, trust and confidence. It is about two people who need to come to grips with certain aspects of their lives. They need to overcome several obstacles and as it turns out it is not Travis but Lily who needs to learn and deal with the fact that the biggest obstacle in her life is herself.

Take Me from Bella Andre is a great read! The characters are delicious and yes, Lily and Travis have stolen my heart. The plot is very recognizable and it is so easy to connect to this story that it is guaranteed an one-sitting read. Bella Andre has left me craving for more, so needless to say that from now on Bella Andre is a regular dish on my reading menu!

4,5 stars

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