Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bella Andre - Red Hot Reunion

Ten years ago Emma Holden was an upper class, proper and good girl. In college, she and Jason Roberts were complete opposites but also very much in love. But her parents never liked Jason, for he did not belong to the upper class and therefore was not fit to date their daughter. Dutiful Emma, who always wanted to please her parents, was swayed to dump Jason for a respectable but tedious jock from their own social class, leaving Jason behind with a broken heart.

Now ten years later Jason is a famous celebrity, he has his own cooking TV show and has been voted sexiest bachelor of the year twice, so he can get any woman he wants. He is living a fast and grand life but it is still Emma who occupies his heart. He wants revenge for what she did to him, he is determined to go to the college reunion Emma has organized, meet her and make her fall in love with him all over again, make her crave him and then leave her heartbroken the same way he was all those years ago.

But Emma is not a good girl anymore, ten years and a divorce later she realizes she has not lived at all. Now she ready to participate in every erotic adventure that Jason throws at her, stirring up their passion to unknown and unexplored heights. Now who is making who fall in love all over again…?

The characters of Bella Andre’s story Red Hot Reunion demanded my full attention in an one-sitting read. Just like in Take Me, Bella Andre writes about daily life and creates situations that are very obvious. It is always fun to read something that isn’t far-fetched and that could actually happen to you, it makes you feel connected to the story right away. She keeps her characters “normal” and her stories are always fast-paced, effortless to read and real page turners.

Emma Holden has lived her whole life the way her parents have dictated. She has been on a diet like forever just because her mother likes thin people. Now she is divorced and for the first time in her life she realizes that she has become a replica of her mother. Even her house is decorated the same as her mother’s house. All the important decisions in her life have been made for her. But no more, for the first time in her life she stands up against her parents and do things she wants to do. And she wants Jason, letting him go was the biggest mistake of her life for he makes her feel alive and she hasn’t felt alive since the day she left him.

Jason Roberts is a self-made man, from scratch he has build an entire cooking empire. He is rich, good-looking and nice, women adore him, in short he is on top of the world. But the wound Emma inflicted all those years ago is still there, the fact that he wasn’t good enough for her or her parents. He has tried to ignore his feelings for her for ten long years, burying himself in his work. He realizes he needs closure, but when he sees Emma again all his old feelings come rushing back. Their encounters are hot and sizzling but while Emma tries to clean the slate and wants to start over again in more ways than one, Jason can’t get passed his hurt and still wants to lash out.

As secondary characters you will meet Emma’s parents. It is clear that Emma’s mother wears the breeches at the parental home, her father has nothing to say. Emma’s parents, especially her mother, are cold and only care about keeping up appearances. Emma’s parents and her ex-husband Steven give a good insight on why Emma has become the person she now hates. Kate is Emma’s best friend and also the complete opposite of Emma, she is in total control of her life. Rocco works for Jason but is also a close friend and he acts as Jason’s conscience. The plot is simple and fluent, it is all about love, betrayal, forgiveness and getting back in control of one’s life.

Jason to Emma and vice versa:

“Who are you?” “The same girl you knew back in college.” “No way. The girl I knew never would have fallen to her knees to throat me.” “Funny, seemed like you liked it to me,” she found herself able to tease. “Hell yes I liked it, he replied.

With lovely characters and heart pounding sex scenes Bella Andre has written yet another sizzling, hot winner. Red Hot Reunion makes you crave for your own college reunion! Bella Andre’s books are as addictive as chocolate, it takes just one bite to make you crave for more. She has become one of my favorite erotica authors and I can’t wait to read her Bad Boys of Football series.

4 stars

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