Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Moira Rogers - Crossroads

Derek Gabriel comes from a family with physic gifts but had no powers himself until a rogue wolf stripped him of his humanity and changed him into a shapeshifter two years ago. He has no pure bloodlines, meaning he is no shifter by birth, so he is considered a second-class citizen within the shapeshifters community. Derek is not totally in control of his newfound abilities; it makes him insecure and prevents him to fully live his life. He has been in love with Nicole Peyton for a long time, long before his change, but she belongs to the upper class of the shapeshifter’s community and this stops him from asking her out on a date.

Nicole Peyton belongs to the crème de la crème of the werewolf society. Her father is the alpha (leader) of the Conclave and she is supposed to follow in his footsteps but she has no interest to be part of the political scheming of the Conclave and flees to New Orleans to build a different life for herself. She owns a bar and has surrounded herself with a group of loyal friends. She has fallen in love with Derek when she first set eyes on him but he seems to be immune for her charm. Just when she and Derek are finally about to make out and admit their feelings for one another, her twin sister Michelle shows up bringing a truckload of trouble with her. Nicole now has to go back and take her responsibility as daughter of the Conclave’s alpha to help her sister and find a way to keep Derek out of harm’s way.

After reading Crux I was totally in love with the new world and the characters that Moira Rogers created, so I could not wait to return to the loyal pack of friends in New Orleans to read on in this series. Luckily I did not have to wait very long to plunge back into this series because I received Crossroads to review. Crossroads continues where Crux ends and just like with Crux it did not take me more than half a page to be fully absorbed in this story.

One of the reasons Crossroads is an addictive read is Moira Rogers’ writing, it is smooth and fast-paced, full of thorny and witty dialogues between the characters. I especially liked Alec’s snappy remarks and the way the others yank his chain so I was happy to hear that Alec’s story is up next. Another reason why your eyes are glued to the pages is the characters. Most of them we met in Crux, I just love this bunch of close friends, I want to know more about them and see them all get their own HEA’s in their own story. This combined with the fast-paced action that starts almost immediately from page one makes it impossible to put the book down.

The strong attraction between Derek and Nicole was already simmering in Crux and now comes to a full blaze, as a couple I liked them even better than Jackson and Mackenzie. I was afraid that Derek’s character would be snowed under because Nicole is very much alpha, but Derek stands his ground excellent. Nicole might be alpha material but she is also very feminine, nice and she is loyal to the bone when it comes to her friends and family. Derek and Nicole are surrounded by their friends, all of them add something to this story, I loved meeting Jackson and Mackenzie again and learned a little more about Kat and Andrew. Interesting to see how things are going to develop for Andrew, but first I want to read Alec’s story, his story is the one I now am waiting for impatiently.

The suspense in this story comes from Nicole’s sister Michelle and her lover Aaron. They have done something to upset the Conclave. I am not going into details, don’t want to giveaway too much of the story. The archaic Conclave practically rules the shapeshifter’s society, they strongly hold on to their customs, rules and hierarchical structure. It is very difficult to accomplish change, because change means that members of the Conclave have to relinquish some of their power and most members only want to obtain more power and stop at nothing to achieve this.

Although I was captivated by the Conclave and Michelle’s problems I could not help but feel that this dominated the story more than it should. To me it somehow felt that Derek and Nicole’s romance did not appear clearly while in Crux Jackson and Mackenzie’s romance did. Also I missed Marcus in this part, my heart cried out for him and I want to know if he gets his HEA. But the end was very strong and emotional; Derek proves he is a worthy partner for Nicole but not without risking everything. Another character who emotionally risks everything is Luciano, he helps Michelle but that story is not finished, I suspect we will see more of them in the next part, I certainly hope so.

Crossroads has plenty of suspense and steamy interactions between Derek and Nicole. It is a fast-paced, emotional and action-packed read! Crossroads will keep you reading until the very last page!

4 stars


  1. Between you and Pearl's excitement for this series I'm all revved up and needing my own taste of this series. I loved reading your review and now i need to find me some time to actually make a beginning with this series. Shall we make it a mantra; to many books, so little time *sigh*

  2. I want to like this series I really do but I just can't get into it as much as ya'll *whispers* I'm so ashamed. I really like Michelle's story that is one book I'm really looking forward to.

    Great Review Hon!

  3. Evreyone seems to be enjoying these books, and yes at first I was ok, but now I do wanna read it :D

  4. Oh K.C - You need to read Crossroads!!

    Nice Marissa!! I lurved this one. And yes, a tear may have escaped. Just one. ;)

  5. Great review!I can't wait to start this series I picked up Crux today so hopefully soon.

  6. Hon, that was a great review! I have seen this book all around blog land, and I loved your review! I need to get started on this.. one day!
    Hope all is well honey!

  7. Hey Hon,

    Crossroads sounds like a great suspense! Good review on this one sweetie!


  8. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And we're still working on our plans for Marcus...somehow he'll get a story. :D

    (And OMG KC, no shame! LOL All books are not for all people. I'm thrilled enough that you WANT to like it, I am!)

  9. Nice review! I don't think I've seen a bad review of this book yet. Each one I read makes me want to read it more.

  10. Love your review! And yes I missed Marcus too...was hoping he'd make an appearance, but alas.

    Now we must wait for Alec's story...and the wait is long :(

  11. Great review this one sounds right up my alley! Haven't read this author before but am putting it down to look for! Thanks Marissa!

  12. *sigh* This is one of my favorite loves stories. Nick and Derek just melt me. Nice review.

  13. yes ladies, I love this series, Moira Rogers really got me hooked!

    @ Moira Rogers Woohoo!!!!!! Marcus is not out of sight, looking forward to read what you have planned for him!

  14. I finally read your review! I have both books on my ereader and I desperately want to start reading them! I'm afraid Leontine's mantra is so true...
    But your wonderful review definitely made me bump them up to the top of the TBR a little bit :)

  15. I really need to read this second book...

    Thanks for your thoughts on this one..