Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fire in His Eyes - Stella & Audra Price

Once upon a time dragons and demons peacefully shared this earth with ignorant humans. But all of this changed when the dragons sided with the Ice King against the Fire King. The Ice King lost the battle and the Fire King vented his rage by ordering the extinction of all dragons, only a few dragons escaped his wrath and went into hiding.

Char is a fire dragon who lives in hiding with five other dragons. But lately he is fed up with being in hiding all the time, he wants to start living again. A beautiful woman has caught his eye and he wants to claim her as his own. There is just one problem, this beautiful woman happens to be a demon. How will she react when she finds out he is a dragon, will she betray him or love him? Not to mention that his actions will endanger the lives of his friends...

Get ready for a fire dragon with attitude!

Stella and Audra Price have created a wonderful new world full of demons and a few dragons. They have managed to bring this world to live with feisty characters. You will fall in love with the dragon family home the moment you meet them. Char is the macho guy/dragon who falls head over heals in love with Alcyone. She is a demon who wants nothing more than someone to love. The characterisation of the secondary characters is excellent and makes you eager for more. The dialogues are funny and witty.

Alcyone to Char and vice versa:

“The thought turns you on, dragon? Me and another woman?” “Honestly? The thought of you and me turns me on more.”

Although I really loved this new world that the ladies Price created I found in general that the story was lacking a little depth, especially the first part of the story. The background information of this new world was too succinct and the relationship between Char and Alcyone should have been explored in depth to make it more believable. But this novella is just 171 pages long and my only complaint is that this story has so much potential, that I wanted it to be a full length story.

Stella and Audra Price have created their own unique world and I will definitely want to read more about this charming dragon family, so I am looking forward to read the next fast paced story in this series!

3,5 stars


  1. So glad you liked the story... And actually it was supposed to be longer, but Char, damn him, decided we told you guys enough. You will see more of him and Al in Kael's book, and in the third which we are writing now.

    Thanks for the review Marissa! You rock!


  2. Yes! I will blame Char then... I really wanted more pages, I was hungry for more, well he can't hide any longer, looking forward to learn more about Char and the others!

  3. What..cool! Dragons, demons, well it does sound original

  4. Dragons are new for me, with demons I have a little experience. I would love to found out more about both though. This sounds like a fun read and maybe for me it's better that the new world isn't too detailed, because of my lack of experience with the worldbuilding kinda stories.
    Thanks for the wonderful mini-review. I like the length and how it gives me a quick impression of a book I haven't read yet, but might like! Keep them coming ;)

  5. I remember you talking about this book and its dragons, I so heart dragons :)

  6. Prices do a great job of world building. As you know I read their weresnake book (beams proudly), Entwined by Fate and really saw something in their writing.

    I need to read their dragon series.

    How excited are you that Patience by Lisa Valdez is going to be released just around the corner?