Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Paula Quinn - Ravished By A Highlander

So far Paula Quinn has five books to her name, and I devoured each one of them. She instantly became one of my favorite authors in the historical genre. Her beautiful, fluent and authentic-to-the-time-period writing has never failed to enchant me and got me hooked on her stories. I fell head over heels in love with Callum MacGregor and his clan after reading Laird of the Mist and A Highlander Never Surrenders, so I wondered if my high expectations for their successor could be met.

Ravished By A Highlander is the first part in the Children of the Mist series, which introduces the next generation of the MacGregor clan. It starts approximately 30 years after Laird of the Mist, the political climate has changed and Callum MacGregor leads his clan in peace, they are no longer outlaws. But the clan is surrounded by many different enemies and Callum must navigate his clan through a minefield of political intrigues to maintain this fragile peace. Against this setting we meet Callum’s son Robert (Rob) MacGregor.

Rob MacGregor is the firstborn son of Callum MacGregor, the mighty and notorious laird of the MacGregor clan. He is on his way to the coronation of England’s new king when a little detour lands him in the middle of an ugly attack. Although it is not his fight he intervenes and saves the mysterious Lady Davina from a burning abbey. As a man of honor he is determined to deliver this lass to safety, but when he discovers Davina’s secret he knows immediately she is a threat to him and his clan. Still he cannot let her go; his heart is consumed with a passion he cannot deny. Now he has to choose between his heart and his duty.

From the day she was born Davina Montgomery has been kept under lock and key for her own protection and safety. Her true identity can never be revealed, her only friends and companions are the nuns and the men who have sworn an oath to protect her. She knows that one day the enemy will find her, due to betrayal that day comes much sooner than expected. Her rescue comes from an unexpected corner and soon she falls under the spell of her rescuer and his men. But can she truly trust them and dare she risk it to put this fierce but gentle Highlander and his clan in so much danger?

Ravished By A Highlander is off and running in the first chapter and never lets up, as always Paula Quinn’s fluent writing immediately took me back in time to the Scottish Highlands of 1685. It is obvious that Quinn has done profound research of the time period for she effortlessly mixes historical facts with fiction into a powerful, beautiful and passionate story. The pages are also filled with smart-mouthed, intense, passionate conversations that kept me on the edge of my seat and I could almost hear the Scottish burr of the MacGregors roll off the pages.

All his life Rob has been prepped to one day follow in his father’s impressive footsteps and together with his father he works hard to ensure the clan’s prosperity. He is a natural born leader, loyal to the bone, honorable, fierce but also gentle, he works hard and always does the right thing. He never ever goes against the wishes of this father, but for once he wants something for him alone, follow his heart instead of duty. He is every woman’s dream warrior come true, this is the way Paula Quinn describes him:

“Rob MacGregor was unholy for certain, with a sinewy, broad chest feathered with dark hair and a belly carved in small, tight squares. The most sinful of all though was the sensual V curve of muscles below his low hanging plaid.”

Davina has lived a sheltered life so far. She is a petite beauty and has resigned herself with her fate; she exists but does not really live. The only knowledge she has from the world outside her window comes from books. She is strong, loving, still full of hope despite her hopeless situation and protective of the people she cares for. Rob wants to gain her trust since he already guessed her secret and Davina just wants a taste of real life. Slowly their relationship blossoms into something more meaningful. Their attraction and passion for one another cannot be denied though they try really hard, it pulled at my heartstrings for nothing good can come from it. Rob goes against everything his father taught him about protecting the clan by keeping Davina at his side and now he has to face his father’s wrath, but the urge to claim her as his own is overpowering. Davina knows what she has to do if her identity is discovered but till then she holds on to every blissful moment she can get. Paula Quinn beautifully pens down their passion and attraction for one another, it jumps of the pages with a scalding heat and urged me to read on.

And though I was all emotionally wrapped up in Rob’s and Davina’s dilemma I could not escape the plethora of the secondary cast of characters. Paula Quinn made my heart beat faster by having Rob’s brothers, his cousins and the siblings of Graham Grant parade throughout the story. Will, Finn, Connor, Colin, Tristan, they made my mouth water and their bickering made me laugh out loud. Since this series is not called Children of the Mist for nothing I hope to see them all get their own story for Paula Quinn’s background characters are scorching hot warriors.

So did Paula Quinn meet the high expectations I had for Ravished By A Highlander? Yes she did, for once again I devoured every word on every page. Paula Quinn really is one of the best historical romance authors out there, she never fails to touch my heart with her stories and her characters. There is not a thing I did not like about this book! She beautifully penned down a rich, layered and authentic story by combining historical facts, well-rounded characters, passion and suspense perfect to a tee. The next generation of MacGregors is hot and sexy and knocking on every romance reader’s door, ready to be discovered! Their interactions are heart rendering, Rob is every woman’s dream warrior, strong, raw, fierce and sexy! Tristan’s story is up next and I can’t wait to read what this rogue is up too!

Ravished By A Highlander is packed with history, drama, hot Scottish highlanders, wit and passion. Utterly irresistible!

4,5 stars

Although not necessary, for your reading pleasure you might like to read Laird of the Mist and A Highlander Never Surrenders too, these are the stories of the parents of the Children of the Mist.

Paula Quinn's next story in the Children of the Mist series will be Seduced By A Highlander.

Paula Quinn
Seduced By A Highlander
Part 2 Children of the Mist Series

Publisher: Forever
ISBN: 978-0446552370
Releasedate: 31 August 2010



Tristan MacGregor is famed throughout the Highlands as a silver-tongued seducer and an unrepentant rogue. Bold and charming, he’s dallied with many women, yet none as beguiling and mysterious as the lass he steals a kiss from at the king’s court. Little does he know this beauty is one of his clan’s greatest enemies.


Isobel Fergusson has despised the bloodthirsty MacGregors ever since they murdered her father. When she learns the handsome stranger who melted her resistance is a MacGregor, she vows to forget him. But Tristan means to possess her at any cost and Isobel’s body turns traitor at his touch. Can a man she’s sworn to hate be the only one she can ever love?